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Programme 2011

Lectures commence at 10.45 prompt  – Coffee from 10am


Before joining why don't you come to one of our meetings?


Past Programmes

Jan - Mosaic Mask Mar - Burghley Mar - Hatfield


January 25

The Aztec Legacy: Continuity and Change

by Chloe Sayer

A freelance specialist in Latin American Art


February 22

Understanding Modern Art

by Frank Woodgate

Lecturer and Guide at Tate Britain and Tate Modern


March 22

Great Houses of the Cecils:

Burghley & Hatfield

by Caroline Knight

Architectural historian, specialising in 16th to 18th century English and Scotish architectural history and patronage

April - Piers, 2 May - Photography as Fine Art Jun - Colour Red, 2


April 26

A Passion for Piers

by Jackie Marsh Hobbs

Lecturer and Specialist Guide


May 31

Photography as Fine Art

by Brian Stater

College Tutor - London UCL staged an exhibition of his photography in 2004


followed by


June 28

Red Vibrations:  An Aesthetic & Emotional Significance

of Red in Western Art from angelic pink to demonic scarlet

by Alexandra Drysdale

Lectures aim to open people's eyes to the language of painting in a practical and imaginative way

Sep - Monks Oct - Sporting Painter Heywood Hardy Nov - St Petersburg Dec - Saint Nicholas of Myra


September 27

The Zeal of the Spirit.

Monks:  The Dynamo behind a new European Culture

by Patricia Wright

Author of fiction, non-fiction and historical articles.  Winner of Bodley Head Historical Novel Prize


October 25

A British Obsession:  Sporting Painters

by Nicholas Badshawe

Trained at Sotherby's.  Art dealer.  Lectures regularly at Sotherby's Institute, V&A, Southampton Institute and

Tate Britain

November 8

SPECIAL INTEREST DAY - booking required

From Kiev to St Petersburg

by Jane Angelini

BA Russian Studies.  MA Byzantine Studies. Translator of Russian Literature. Specialist in leading cultural tours to many destinations including St Petersburgh & Moscow


November 22

Two Brass Farthings:

Our Rich Local Token Heritage

by John Theobald

A paranumismatic enthusiast, has written and talked

about local Tokens, Checks and other Unofficial Money for over 50 years


December 20

St Nicholas of Myra and Santa Claus -

A Case of Mistaken Identity

by Sally Dormer

Lecturer and tutor for the Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Year Course at V&A.  Dean of European Studies for two US Universities

Nov - Brass Token, 1 Nov - Brass Token, 2 V - Olympic Rings

Coach trip to Olympic London


Tuesday October 11

V - Bologna, Italy V - Canaletto V - Godinton House V - Hatfield Hse V - Leighton Hse Mus


Tuesday January 11


Thursday March 3


Wednesday May 18

ANNUAL LUNCH - booking required


Tuesday July 5


Tuesday September 13 - 17

Venice: Canaletto & His Rivals

The National Gallery

Linley Sambourne House


Leighton House Museum



Hatfield House



Godinton House




The Art & Palaces of Bologna,

Ravenna, Mantova & Ferrara

Feb - Modern Art, 3